Online Delivery Eshop Development

Easy to use, Fast and Secure Online Delivery Eshop

κατασκευή eshop online delivery
κατασκευή eshop online delivery

Online Delivery Eshop Development

Combination of appearance, speed, usability.

 Get a professional, modern and easily manageable Online Delivery E-shop for your own restaurant. Adapted to the needs of your business such as cafe, restaurant, pizzeria, fast food, etc.

Enable your customers to order through your Website easily and quickly through your own electronic system. Also give them the option to pay Online with their credit or debit card

Enter dynamically in the area of ​​Online Delivery, acquiring your own e-shop without having to pay any commissions again!

We have studied all the needs that restaurants have for their Online Delivery system and we have already met them all. However, we are ready to cover any of your custom needs.

κατασκευή eshop online delivery

Automatic Order Printing:

Compatible with all thermal printers. An online delivery store must be immediate. For this reason you have the option to automatically print the order when it is placed

Countless Features

> Multiple store option – For owners who have more than one store.

> Automatic delivery of the order to the nearest store to the customer (* option is also available manually).

> Easily identify the areas you serve from a Google map or simply specify the service radius of your store with a simple number. (eg radius 5 km)

Facilities for the customer

> Save credit or debit card for fast checkout.

> Save customer data (if desired) and older orders for quick order again.

> Pick-up option from the store.

> Many customer addresses.

> Automatically complete address using Google Maps API.

Online Delivery Eshop Development

Live Accept or Reject orders:

Accepting or rejecting orders in real time enables the owner to inform the customer in real time the progress of the order. If he finally accepts it then an estimated delivery time will be sent to the customer.

Beautiful, simple and comprehensive designfriendly to all devices

friendly to all devices

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online delivery eshop

Customer options in the Eshop

Only one option:

When there are many options allow only one to be selected.

κατάστημα εστίασης eshop

Limited number of options:

There is a limit to the options that can be selected. When this limit is exceeded then the other options are automatically deactivated

online delivery eshop

Unlimited options:

As many options as the customer wants can be selected.

online delivery eshop
κατασκευή eshop online delivery

Responsive Design

Internet users are increasingly associated with mobile devices (tablet, mobile). It’s very important to have a homogeneous and enjoyable navigation experience, regardless of the device they are looking for information about your products. In each display format we recommend, the design is adapted to the size of the device that a visitor is navigating. Our Responsive Design is user friendly for Smartphones and Tablets devices, offering ease of navigation and ensuring a fabulous presentation of your products as well as the visitor’s engagement at your online store.

eshop online delivery

Google Analytics

A very useful and important service-need for your online store is the ability to track its traffic. You will be able to keep track of your visitors movements every other day, month, week, day and every time. You will also be able to know the average time of stay, abandonment rate, pages with the highest traffic, and so on. In addition, you can control from which sources (e.g., facebook, instagram, etc.) the sales in your e-shop derived from as well as the profit percentage. So you will know which promotional tools you will pay more attention to and adjust the advertising budget. A consultant will educate you for free to handle Google Analytics with ease!